The Honeysuckle story

(Why) the {hell}
are we still <coding> like this?”

Honeysuckle CTO David Neumair

David would often wonder that out loud, an eyebrow raised high enough to trigger Dwayne Johnson’s lawyers. He’s the best developer I know (David, not The Rock). Watching him work is like witnessing a computer fall in love for the first time. Then there’s me, the business brain keeping the router lights on. From the day we met we were beer and pretzels—the perfect match and always a good time.

Before we founded Honeysuckle, I’d hired David a few times. He’d show me how all this remarkable tech we were working on was being stitched together in coding environments that made floppy disks look cutting-edge. The only hacking going on was hacking through a jungle of setup, admin, and security updates with a blunt machete.

So what if we could get rid of all the bullshit standing between you, the coder, and the reason you fell in love with coding in the first place? You know, the creative flowstate, where code pours out of you like an epic guitar solo, bending the machine to your will like a captive audience, rather than feeling like you’re trying to summon spirits with a broken Ouija board. Wouldn’t that make you happier and more productive?

We already know the answer because we know our market. We are our market! And we know many other people in our market from a combined 20 years in the corporate world.

Honeysuckle CTO David Neumair & CEO Nicolas Brendel

That’s why we decided to ditch our steady paychecks and back ourselves to build a new way of doing things. Because I personally know someone who can code the answer to any question. And because we both know the tech world is full of developers asking “Why the hell are we still coding like this?”

Welcome to coding that doesn’t suck!

—Nicolas Brendel, Leipzig, 2024

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