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Code securely and more efficiently without the bullshit—no setup, no installs, and no compromises. Bubbles are cloud-agnostic development environments. Just *pop* them when you’re done to shut down any vulnerabilities. It’s easier than drilling holes through your hard drive (although admittedly not as fun).

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I was impressed by what you guys have built!

Balkiz Sarihan — CEO & Head of UAM at AIRBUS

Secure environment

Make your backend harder to penetrate

Get your mind out of the gutter. We’re talking about fully isolated workspaces in the cloud—any cloud. Role-based permissions give devs only as much access to your infrastructure as each task requires, restricting fallout from hacks. And when the task is done, close any backdoors by simply popping your Bubble like a… well, bubble.

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Remote development

Work remotely—but productively too

Log in from anywhere and get straight to the fun stuff. Code through secure channels in individualized development containers with automatically deployed role-based access. Not enough fancy tech words for you? Then kick back and enjoy automatic database deployment, volume-mounted datasets, secret provisioning, and zero installs.

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Flexible coding

Be ready for any task without the boring setup

Did you start coding because you love prepping your IDE? (Rhetorical question.) Select preset Bubbles tailored to specific tasks or projects instead, with compilers and other extensions built in by default. Spend less time on setup and maintenance, and more time writing kick-ass code. The future thanks you.

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Controlled access

Keep your devs away from sharp objects

Need to safeguard data while managing complex scenarios across distributed teams? Bubbles are a DSO’s wet dream, enabling you to apply best practices, oversee tasks, control permissions, and prevent accidental overwrites across the full development cycle. You decide who has access to what, where, when, and for how long.

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Great product, great team! This is exactly what our team needs—and many others that would like to move faster (and securely) in large corporate environments.

Hubertus Groepper — LifeSaver Program Manager at AIRBUS

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Nicolas Brendel
Co-Founder & CEO
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David Neumair
Co-Founder & CTO